A 15,000 sq ft center Wyoming destination for your reception, dinner, conference, business meeting, or performing arts program. What are you waiting for?

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At South Lincoln Training & Event Center you have everything you need to make your event successful.

Wireless Access

Take advantage of Wireless Internet during your event and skip the hassle of using a hotspot.

Commercial Kitchen

Serve your guests a professional meal prepared in our commercial-grade kitchen.

Projector & Staging

Projectors, built-in sound equipment, a Baby Grand Piano, and MORE! We are equipped to stage the event of your dreams.

Training & Meetings

Smaller, state-of-the-art training rooms can accommodate 12 to 100 participants.

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Every one of the facility’s rooms is equipped with a ceiling audio system and auxiliary or XLR wall panels for any device to connect to, and projection systems for video.  Additionally, the facility is equipped with dimmable lighting and divider paneling and offers a total capacity 469.

Unlike the Heliobatis, Dragonfly, and Mioplosus rooms, The Knightia room is concrete floored, and is installed with Spotlighting and optional ceiling decoration options. This space has a guest capacity of 314 people, a total floor space of 4,690 square feet, and a large garage door opening for vehicle access into the room. The Knightia room also offers two projection units for both the western wall and northern wall, and has acoustic wall panels installed to dampen sound echoing in the large space. Its entrance doors are also conveniently located near the facilities main bathrooms and main entrance.

Our Mioplosus room is the larger of the three training spaces, offering a room capacity of 78 people, and a floor space of 1,225 square feet. This room’s entry door is located right next to the Dragonfly’s room door, along with a door that leads to the buildings western outdoor space for easy access to load and unload meeting supplies and decorations. The projection system in this room is located next to the outdoor exit on the western side of the room, and has volume and projector controls just underneath the screen. There are also whiteboards on all four walls of the room when all of the adjustable walls are in place.

Our Heliobatis room is capable of holding up to 36 people comfortably, with a total room space of 512 square feet. Out of all the rooms in the event center, this is the only room without a projection screen or projector. This room does offer three walls equipped with white boards for your meeting’s needs and is conveniently placed right in front of the facilities entrance for easy access for patrons.

The Dragonfly room is a similar size to the Heliobatis room, however, this room is equipped with a projection system for presentations on the southern side of the room, and its entry door is located on the southern hallway of the facility. The entry door in this position gives patrons easy access to the facilities kitchen space, as well as to the secondary bathrooms, and to the facilities outdoor patio space. Whiteboards are also installed on the adjustable walls and walls by the projection unit when the projector is not in use.

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My wedding was like a dream and with the help of the Kemmerer Events Center staff I didn’t have to worry about any of the small details during my big day!
Jane Jones, Kemmerer